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TechVibe Radio

Jul 9, 2020

In the Pittsburgh region, DQE is providing the fiber-optic transport required for delivering small cell service to supplement its 365,000 fiber miles that currently serve more than 2,000 buildings and nearly 120 office parks. 

“The small cells transmit and receive millimeter wave signals which are weaker than traditional signals and can reflect off surfaces such as building walls and can even be absorbed by rain,” says Shawn Blanner, DQE’s Director of Construction.

“DQE is ready to support wireless carriers and end users with 5G technology deployment because it is a natural extension of our business,” Blanner continues. “We will review any opportunity to build new locations for the 5G technology needs of our customers.” In fact, over the past two years, DQE has “overbuilt” its network in anticipation of growing demand for 5G service.