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TechVibe Radio

Dec 22, 2020

We welcome Jessica Brooks and Martin T. Shepherd of the Executive Action and Response Network (EARN), to tell us how the newly formed network is addressing workplace and corporate diversity in the Pittsburgh region.

EARN wants to improve the lives of Black professionals, their families and communities in Pittsburgh. Today Jessica and Martin will discuss a number of steps to make this happen as outlined in their first project -- a letter to local CEOs containing multiple recommendations, including: 

  • Investing in employment, health and pay equity.
  • Interviewing, hiring and supporting African American executives in C-Suite and top executive roles.
  • Creating an inclusive culture where it is safe for African American employees to be authentic and honest.
  •  Increasing diverse supplier spending with African American-owned business entities.

Join us for this important conversation and see how you and/or your company can make the commitment.