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TechVibe Radio

Sep 28, 2022

Outcome Logix a fast-growing, born-in-the-cloud, outcome-focused technology staffing services company featuring a proprietary Applicant Tracking and Candidate Engagement system.

Founder Sandesh Sukumaran details how this platform helps hiring managers to save time from doing excessive interviewing and hiring top-rated candidates faster.

"Several hiring managers have saved over 70% of their time, while still hiring the top 10% from the available talent pool," according to Sukumaran.

"We believe in both Quality and Speed. To achieve this, we have over 300,000 screened candidates in our database, besides this, we also have access to paid job sites, such as, CareerBuilder,, TechFetch, social media sites such as LinkedIn, Stackoverflow, and other AI-driven platforms for sourcing candidates."