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TechVibe Radio

May 24, 2023

Meet Preamble CEO and Co-Founder Jeremy McHugh!

Preamble is the first AI-Safety-as-a-Service company. Its mission is to ensure that AI systems have equal representation to operate ethically and safely. Preamble provides guardrails for AI systems by allowing customers to build policy and safety layers on top of large language models. 

Preamble allows customers to own AI or customize a model it already has. Its easy-to-use platform enables customers to create and share policies in Preamble's marketplace that can be applied to different use cases.

Jeremy and his co-founders built the company on trust collaboration inclusion and fairness.

Listen to how he has big plans for Preamble and sees nearly endless opportunities to grow the company to meet the fast-paced world of AI. His big hope is that in the five years, Preamble will be synonymous with AI use in general.