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TechVibe Radio

Jun 21, 2021

Martin Shepherd left his his career as a successful lawyer in the Marcellus Industry to build a startup that addresses cyber security in a new way.

The Arch mission is bringing end-to-end risk mitigation solutions to clients at the intersection of physical and cyber vulnerabilities.
Powered by its proprietary digital assessment technology - Arch Canopy - it empowers CDOs, CISOs and facilities managers to uncover their companies risk exposure. Arch, then, collaborates with its established network of physical security integrators and high-tech cybersecurity innovators to scale projects that bridge those vulnerability gaps.

We wanted to learn more about Martin's passion to start Arch Access and out his legal career on the back burner. What have the challenges been? What makes Pittsburgh both a good and bad place to start a company. Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Listen to find out.