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TechVibe Radio

Jun 29, 2018

TechVibe Radio puts a spotlight on all things tech in Pittsburgh, including UpPrize, Trifecta Technologies, ERT and the Allegheny Conferenceâ??s Annual Business Investment Scorecard. We kick off the show with UpPrize, which has been around since 2015 and has awarded more than $1.5 million in grants for social innovation technology. Last year, it received 200 competition entries from individuals and teams in different stages of development. Weâ??ll ask Kate Dewey whatâ??s fueling UpPrize. Hit the 9:30 minute mark for more on how Trifecta Technologies chose Pittsburgh to expand its cloud solutions and custom software development operations. Around the 18:30 minute mark, ERT will talk about employment opportunities at its Station Square offices. ERT is a global data and tech company that helps pharmaceutical companies conduct clinical trials. Fast forward all the way to the 30 minute mark and find out how the regionâ??s IT sector led the way in the Allegheny Conferenceâ??s annual Business Investment Scorecard. Plus, weâ??ll talk to Roadbotics as an example of a company that is driving growth in the scorecard.