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TechVibe Radio

Jan 24, 2018

We can’t get enough of recording TechVibe Radio at Huntington Bank branch locations. After all the branches are all in the heart of each neighborhood. Check out our second broadcast from Huntington bank’s East Liberty Branch. We start off TechVibe Radio talking to Huntington Bank’s Steve Carpenter. He’ll overview some of Huntington’s new banking apps and he will detail how Huntington integrates itself into every neighborhood that it resides in. Hit the fast-forward to the 9 minute mark to catch up with Knotzland. It takes the best in textile waste and reuse to create stylish accessories that everyone loves! – Bowties. In doing this, Knotzland is vastly reducing the disposal of fabrics that may otherwise be deemed unusable and ultimately end up laying around and polluting our environment. Right at the 19:06 mark, our interview with Flexable commences. Flexable is a platform that connects childcare providers and parents looking for last-minute or on-demand care. By providing an option to find extra capacity in the childcare market, it is helping providers make extra revenue while allowing parents additional peace of mind. Using this platform, Flexable also curates childcare opportunities at events, trainings, conferences, weddings and more. Or listen to this TechVibe Radio’s last interview first and go right to the 31:15 mark as we shake it up with Ascender and XPRIZE AI. Pittsburgh is leading the international competition with 7 companies in the mix! Read about it here, too.