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TechVibe Radio

Jan 28, 2024

CGI announced the planned investment of $1 billion over the next three years to support the continued expansion of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) services and solutions in partnership with clients seeking to responsibly move from experimentation to implementation while accelerating time-to-value from new AI technologies.

CGI's Manoj Mishra stops by TechVibe Radio to tell us about CGI's plans and current use cases around AI. Plus, we talk about CGI's role in the upcoming Beyond Big Data Conference set for Feb. 2.

Manoj both runs a profitable business unit for CGI and provides innovation leadership primarily in the financial services sector. As a passionate innovator and emerging technology enthusiast, Manoj participates in multiple forums on digital transformation topics (including blockchain, application programming interfaces and the Internet of Things) as well as hackathons. He also leads innovation workshops using CGI’s Spark Innovation Methodology, and is part of CGI’s thought leadership group on open banking.