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TechVibe Radio

Mar 31, 2022

Jennifer Honig, Founder of Techstra Solutions, steps up to the One Mic Stand to talk about the 10-year anniversary of starting her company.

Techstra Solutions is a technology consulting and solutions firm that helps large enterprises change and implement new strategies that achieve the business value of digital...

Mar 27, 2022

"Old school" apprenticeships are coming back into vogue when it comes to training people for careers ion technology!

Learn how ApprentiPGH is is designed to eliminate the barriers commonly faced by tech interested individuals from underrepresented groups as well as give employers access to a wider, more diverse talent...

Mar 25, 2022

Comcast RISE has provided over $60 million in grants, marketing and technology services to more than 6,700 small businesses owned by people of color – including Black, Indigenous, Hispanic and Asian Americans – since it launched in November 2020.

Comcast's Cynthia Saunders Copper "Coop" details how small businesses...

Mar 23, 2022


Innovation Works President Rich Lunak provides additional insights into the 2021 Ernst & Young | Innovation Works "Investment in Pittsburgh's Tech Sector" report.

This report provides a comprehensive review of investment and exit activity in the Pittsburgh region for 2021, and highlights key trends...

Mar 23, 2022

Qeexo is the first company to automate end-to-end machine learning for edge devices. Its Qeexo AutoML platform provides an intuitive UI that allows users to collect, clean, and visualize sensor data and automatically build “tinyML” models using different algorithms.

Elias Fallon steps up to the One Mic Stand to tell...