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TechVibe Radio

May 28, 2024

Razi Iman, Anupam Singh and Jenna Kerr of 113 Industries step up to the One Mic Stand for a candid discussion on moving to a 32-hour, four-day work week.

They discuss the need for flexibility and work-life balance and the potential benefits of increased productivity and employee satisfaction with a shorter work week. 

May 26, 2024

The TechVibe Neighborhood Tour (TNT) is now setting up shop at the new Huntington Bank Branch in Peter's Township on Washington Road.

To celebrate the new branch TNT is featuring top tech companies from the neighborhood and we are kicking it off with Rob Bagay of Accion Labs. 

Founded in Pittsburgh's South Hills in 2011...

May 19, 2024

Get up and geek out early this Sunday morning (5/19) as TechVibe Radio brings you a front row seat to Automate 2024 in Chicago.

Automate is the world's leading robotics and automation trade show featuring companies and innovation from around the world. Pittsburgh's robotics industry made a big splash this year with...

May 16, 2024

Manoj Mishra of CGI's Pittsburgh office steps up to the One Mic Stand to talk about some of the big picture trends around the business impact of artificial intelligence. Manoj is a nationally recognized expert and thought leader on the business adoption of AI and discusses:

  • AI adoption and its impact on jobs....

May 12, 2024

Listen to TechVibe Radio this Sunday (5/12) as the Neighborhood Tour continues at the Huntington Bank Branch in Sewickley.

We're featuring Sewickley Academy, Pittsburgh's longest-standing independent coeducational school. Learn how the school is distinguished by not only its rigorous academics and outstanding faculty,...