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TechVibe Radio

Jul 3, 2022

Jim Futrell, VP of Market Research at the Allegheny Conference, details the latest Business Investment Scorecard tracking activity announced in the 10-county Pittsburgh region in 2021.

The region experienced increases in nearly all major categories in 2021. Total announcements grew 3%, but remain below the...

Jun 26, 2022

One of Pittsburgh's true tech pioneers -- Atul Bansal -- joins TechVibe Radio to talk about Timesys as a pioneer and industry leader in open source software security, development tools and engineering services.

With Timesys’ expertise, OEMs, ODMs, and design houses cut development costs and accelerate time-to-market...

Jun 21, 2022

Get the latest hiring trends and strategies from Kforce. It's a crazy hiring environment out there. Don't go it alone. In this podcast, we get expert insights from the Kforce team:

Bryant Covelli

Bryant Covelli currently works at Kforce as a Business Partner for IT Solutions and Consulting. Over the course of his...

Jun 12, 2022

Michael Mackin of LANXESS is the next and final guest of the TechVibe Radio Neighborhood Tour at the new Huntington Bank Branch in Robinson Twp.

Learn how LANXESS has been quietly innovating global solutions at its North American headquarters right in Robinson. 

LANXESS is a leading specialty chemicals company with...

Jun 10, 2022

If Pittsburgh’s tech industry had its own Pantheon or Hall of Fame honoring the people who worked tirelessly to make it what it is today, Rich Lunak, President and CEO of Innovation Works (IW), would have a prime seat with all of the trimmings.

As a technologist, entrepreneur, business leader and investor, Lunak has...