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TechVibe Radio

Jul 26, 2021

Nancy Zionts, chief operating officer and chief program officer of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, Hosts High Tech + High Touch Health Care. She will discuss senior care and the opportunities for technology to be used to improve the lives of seniors and the lives of those who care for them.

The Jewish Healthcare Foundation has proudly supported an agenda in aging since its inception over 30 years ago and we have focused on a range of settings where seniors live and receive care over the course of their later years –  from in the community to senior living to long-term care to hospice and end of life.

Nancy is joined by two friends and colleagues and members of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation Board: Danny Rosen and Dan Swayze.

Danny Rosen received his PhD in social work and sociology, his Masters in Social Work, and his B.A. in political science all from the University of Michigan.  He is currently a professor of social work at the University of Pittsburgh and the founder of Wellbridge Health which we will discuss in more detail shortly.

Dan Swayze is a vice president for community services at UPMC Health Plan and was previously the vice president and chief operating officer of the center for emergency medicine of Western Pennsylvania.  Dan has a doctorate in public health, as well as an MBA and a master’s degree in emergency Medical Services and he has been involved in EMS over 30 years.

Through the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, Danny, Dan and Nancy have partnered together on many projects to improve the lives and systems of care for people in our community, particularly vulnerable populations. We invited them to talk with us about the intersections of Healthcare and Technology, and the role of technology in keeping seniors well and safe in our community.