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TechVibe Radio

Jan 31, 2022

Ray Milhem is a Global Technology Executive with more than 30 + years of experience. Ray grows revenue and contains costs by leveraging his vast experience, scaling solutions, and integrating technology for startups, mid size and Fortune 500 companies in the technology and telecom sectors.

His expertise includes strategic planning, engineering, product management, technology operations, P&L, M&A, and staff leadership in the US , Canada, Kuwait & Dubai (UAE). He has spoken and presented at many US & Global conferences.

At Ray's company MILHEM, they understand that Digital Transformation is a process and a journey. The goal is to help your company improve their performance, productivity, achieve higher ROI and sustain the growth as you gradually execute on a Digital Transformation Strategy.

Challenging change initiatives, like digital transformation, require high performance leadership, commitment and execution to truly be successful.  MILHEM not only provides technical and business guidance, it builds leadership across your organization to ensure effective implementation of your digital transformation.  MILHEM offers programs and coaching for executives, experienced leaders and emerging leaders.  Popular topics include emotional intelligence, trust, conflict resolution and team building.