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TechVibe Radio

Sep 27, 2021

On September 23rd, the Pittsburgh Technology Council was in Johnstown, PA to host "Where Electrification and Autonomy Meet: Economic Opportunities and Megatrends in the Automotive Sector."

It was an economic forum to explore opportunities associated with two converging megatrends in the global automotive industry: Electrification and Autonomy. Our panelists included national thought leaders from SAE International and the American Iron and Steel Institute. We’ll also be hosting some of the fastest growing firms in our region’s autonomous vehicle industry, including ARGO, Aurora and Locomation.

From the EV supply chain, we heard from local manufacturing firms like PPG and organizations involved in providing EV Infrastructure, including Altoona based Sheetz.

TechVibe Radio's Jonathan Kersting interviewed Panelist Hesham Ezzat, Senior Technical Consultant of the Automotive Program, at the American Iron and Steel Institute to learn more about the ever-important roles steel plays in building electric cars.

From light-weighting to crash protection there are more than 200 recipes for automotive designers to choose from!